Workwear: Poppy shirt and Khakis

7 Feb

This outfit is something “old Jill” would wear. “Old Jill” liked comfort above all else and she wore pants *a lot*. She still layered back then but she used solid colored t-shirts and sweaters instead of bright camis and well-fitting blazers. She probably would not have worn this belt. The animal print belt is pretty awesome, too awesome for “old Jill”. Not that I’m reverting back to my “old Jill” tendencies, but sometimes its nice to relive the past (style-wise)…and then move quickly toward the future. 🙂

“Old Jill” thanks “new Jill” for her updated style and well-fitting/less baggy clothing. But they are still on speaking terms, so sometimes “old Jill” just wants to stop by and say, “Hey! I was pretty rockin'”.

(p.s. after this picture was taken I put on a printed scarf and leopard flats, which helped a little)

IMG_5446 IMG_1834Shirt: Target ($8) — Sweater: Target ($10) — Khakis: Target ($15) — Flats: Gap ($16) — Belt: Target ($10) — Necklace: Target ($2)


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