Date Night in a Box pt. 3

6 Feb

This week, I’ve been talking about creating a box of date night ideas for Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect gift to put together in a few weeks. It doesn’t require much $$ or supplies just a little time and creativity. In case you didn’t catch part one  or part 2 here they are!

The last step to your Date Night in a Box is writing a note to the recipient! It doesn’t need to include that much. Just a little thing explaining what Date Night in a Box is all about and how to use it!

You can see in the picture below the note I wrote for our box when I gave it to B. It matched the color scheme of the popsicle sticks and fit perfectly in the hollowed out book.

IMG_5320You can tailor your note to fit into what ever container you have chosen for your popsicle sticks. You could roll up a note and tie a ribbon around it (scroll-style). OR you could string it to the rim of a mason jar with a hole punched out of the corner attached with hemp (tag-style)!

If you make this DIY Valentine’s project, I’d love to see what it turned out like! Send me a picture at or attach a link to your blog in the comments section of this post! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. 🙂


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