Date Night in a Box pt. 1

4 Feb

For our anniversary last year, I created this Date Night Box from popsicle sticks, spray paint and a hollowed book box. The idea behind this box was having a store house of date ideas when we were out of ideas. With these 50 date ideas, whenever we need a fun night or weekend away, the box contains all the creativity. All we need to do is reach in and pick!

I originally found this idea on Pinterest and followed it to the Life in the Greenhouse website. Their ideas were to create a list of date ideas, color code the popsicle sticks into date categories (at home, out of home + little planning, and out of home, expensive + planning), and place all the sticks in a mason jar.

I changed this a little to fit my own needs and supplies on hand. I had been given this hollow book. I’m sure you’ve seen them. They are a cool way to store something in your bookshelf without the world knowing. I thought this would be the perfect place to store my date ideas.

To start, I created a list of dates I’d love to go on with My Love. This was a time for me to completely brainstorm and form a list everything I’d ever wanted to do with him. If you ever passed through a cute town and thought, “It’d be nice to just walk around here sometime.” If you ever saw kids swinging at the park and thought, “we should do that some Saturday.” If you ever wanted to try out that new burger joint in town and then go bowling. THIS IS YOUR LIST!!! 😀

I took into consideration for my box:

  • Parks in the area
  • Restaurants we have wanted to try for the past few years
  • Dates we had gone on in the past that were special
  • His love of taking pictures
  • My love of food
  • Our love of  the outdoors

Make a list of what you love to do together and some new things you would like to try out together. Below are some places I found fun, inexpensive, and creative date night ideas.

Dating Divas – A whole site full of dating ideas for husbands and wives. They are devoted to, “providing creative, inexpensive, and innovative dating ideas that will bring joy, fun, and excitement back into the relationship.”

Mom Generation’s – A list of things to do that involve getting off the couch and having fun! No TV, no movies and no boring ideas. Take the list and tailor them to your own tastes!

We are that Family: They have some great ideas to make your marriage rock including some creative date ideas!

Stay tuned tomorrow for step 2 in making your Date Night in a Box!



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