Review: Evernote

1 Feb

My husband discovered Evernote a few years ago right before we got married. I fell instantly in love with it because it’s essentially a computer program that organizes all those random stickie notes you have lying around your computer or kitchen counter! I was introduced to it right before our wedding. (can you say perfect!) I like being organized; I love knowing where everything is and being able to access them when I need them and in an orderly fashion! If you love these things too, you will love Evernote.

If you’ve heard me talk about Evernote before, please excuse this post. I probably sounded like a car salesman or a woman raving about her new oxblood lipstick. But that is only because I love this product so much and believe in its power! 🙂 (laughing yet?)

I use Evernote mainly for organizing my recipes, keeping my to-do lists together and as a place to house DIY projects I’d like to try. Currently, I have 101 recipes my Recipe Notebook, which is the notebook I use most. I can edit them as I go to fit our tastes and make notes after depending on our thoughts. There is this great side bar in each notebook where you can see a preview picture of each recipe. Most of these I have clipped from websites. (Chrome has a great Evernote Web-clipper!)

evernote1Evernote can be loaded on to any computer (work or home). They also have an iphone and Android app! And because each user has a unique login and password, you will have one account that will sync with all your devices! Often, I will find a recipe for dinner over lunch break and create a new note for it. When I go to the grocery store on the way home I can see which ingredients I need on my iphone app. Then when I get to my kitchen, I can use my laptop or ipad to create dinner.

One of the many ways that Evernote organizes things is with notebooks, as I briefly mentioned above. I have a notebook for Beauty, DIY projects, Menus, Recipes and To Dos. While you can search for any note you have previously made, separate notebooks for each topic helps me look and see what recipes I’ve added for greater dinner inspiration! This DIY picture below is from A Beautiful Mess blog, one of my daily reads, and it was my source of inspiration for my canvas art here.

evernote2I also use Evernote for blogging. When I have a new idea for a post, I will open a note and start typing. It gives me the freedom to work on an idea anywhere with out needing  internet access or my blog open. Below are some of my thoughts on Healthy Eating and losing belly fat.

evernote3Click here to download Evernote to your desktop or laptop. Or check out the App store or Marketplace to get it on your phone or tablet. They have recently come out with Evernote Food and a few other specialized Evernote products that I have just downloaded. I’ll review them when I’ve had time to check them out!

Until then, enjoy the organization of Evernote. Let your OCD side go crazy!


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