Birthday Gift: Mom’s 60th

30 Jan

Today is my mom’s 60th birthday! She has been such a big part of my life for all 24 years and I want to take some time to thank her the positive influence and role model she has been for me, my siblings and everyone around her.

Mom homeschooled us all (with help from Dad in the math and science department). Back when homeschooling was a new thing, they both took that step, deciding that they wanted to educated their children in the home. I admire them both greatly for this and I feel that my entire life has been shaped because of this decision of theirs.

Because I was taught at home, I was given so many opportunities to learn outside of the home. We would go on nature hikes and bring home leaves to make leaf rubbings. We would visit the local radio station and get to meet our beloved morning radio DJs where they always played our favorite Keys for Kids and Adventures in Odyssey. We would go food shopping on weekday morning where we learned how to pick out produce and order deli meat at the meat counter. We would go skiing every Friday in the winter with our other homeschooled friends. I loved it and I learned so many life skills in the process!

Thank you Mom for the lessons you taught me, the hours you spend lesson planning and letting us have all these experiences mentioned above. I wouldn’t have wanted any other childhood. With all these things you have done for me, I really wanted to make you something that would show you how much I love you and how much I admire you and Dad’s marriage.


I talked with Dad a few weeks ago and asked if he could send me their wedding vows from 35 years ago. They just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary last October. Since there are so many creative anniversary ideas for couples nowadays, I wanted to take something that I would love to do with B and my wedding vows and make it for Mom.

I bought a black square frame and matte at Michael’s. It’s the kind of matte that comes with a pen so you can write on it. Originally I wanted to find a heart frame, but since I couldn’t find one I chose to overlay a card stock red heart over top.


In order to cut the right size heart, measured the square opening (where the picture is going to go) and cut a square the same size. Then, I flipped over the red card stock and placed the square in the middle of the card stock and drew a heart around it. IMG_1975Then I cut out the square size out of the middle so that the picture underneath will show. Then I grabbed my Glue Dots I got for Christmas and placed the adhesive around the heart and attached it to the matte.

IMG_2978Then I took their wedding vows and started planning out where I would write them on the matte.

IMG_7590It’s a DIY handmade gift so it will look like you wrote it. (don’t worry about small mistakes!) I wrote Dad’s vow on the top half and started Mom’s at the middle.

IMG_1677Have fun reading the parts that you can. They are beautiful, loving vows.

IMG_6756Love you Mom!


One Response to “Birthday Gift: Mom’s 60th”

  1. Gina 30.30.2013 at 9:22 pm #

    Jill, what a beautiful tribute to your mom and credit to yourself for being such a loving and creative daughter. Your mom will love this! You are a credit to her and your dad. Thanks for sahring.

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