Healthy Living

26 Jan

Everywhere you look you will see a 10 step plan: which has you eating nothing and losing everything. I want to tell you that you don’t have to take extreme measures to live healthily. While, I am one to get caught up in the latest diet on Pinterest and the “5 workouts to a better core” articles, there are some practical steps that I can take to promote healthy living that I would love to share with you. These will, in small ways, guide you on a healthy path to life. They don’t take much time, effort, or life change, but as they become habits, you will see a positive change in your life.

  1. Eat and workout in moderation. Unless you are training for an eating competition or a marathon, you don’t need to be eating and running like crazy. But moderation does not mean you have to deprive yourself of food or exercise either. Take bites of the things you love and when you start a workout routine start slow. Everything in moderation.
  2. Be satisfied when you eat. Not stuffed full. Sometimes when I make a meal that I just absolutely love, I feel the urge to eat everything in sight, even when there’s enough for 10 people. Be conscious of how you are feeling when you eat. There is a natural pause in every meal when you sit back from your dish and take a breather. This is called, “time to stop eating!” Don’t eat more after that because you will go beyond feeling satisfied.
  3. Try to include vegetables and fruit in every meal. Especially if you eat these inherently healthy and non-processed food first, you will become full with the good and eat smaller amounts of meat and starch.
  4. When you eat out, plan to take half of your entrée home. Restaurants give you twice as much you need to eat. Again, eat until you feel satisfied and bring the rest home for lunch tomorrow.
  5. Drink water. The more water you drink the less false hungry you will feel. You know when you are bored and you think you are hungry? Usually you aren’t. Try drinking a glass of water and find something to get busy doing. That will often do the trick and you won’t find yourself needlessly eating when you aren’t hungry. If you have trouble getting in 8-10 cups a day, try adding lemon or lime juice or slices of fruit.
  6. Don’t skip meals. Thinking that skipping breakfast will help you lose weight is a myth. When I skip the first meal of the day I end up eating twice as much at lunch and dinner. You don’t need to make of the “lost meal” by eating twice as much. You are only one-meal hungry. Again, moderation. Eating a little something for breakfast will increase your productivity, energy and mood throughout the rest of the day.
  7. Be active a few hours a week. If this means walking the dog, playing tag with your siblings or going to the gym, everyone can find a way to be active. Think about how you feel after you are active. Does it uplift the rest of your day? For me, when I work out over lunch during my workdays, I find I have the energy to combat that 2:30 feeling and make it to 5 without a slump.
  8. Set a cutoff point for eating at the end of the day. If it’s dinner than don’t eat after dinner. If it’s 8pm than don’t eat after that. Eating gives you energy and you don’t need energy when you are about to sleep. Eating will raise your metabolism making it harder to get the rest you need.

These are not 8 steps to success. They are just helpful hints that I have thought about and make sense to me. As I am learning to live in a healthy manner, I am adopting these habits as my own.

Let me know what you think!


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