Your questions answered!

24 Jan

Recently I was asked, “What should I wear to my first day of a new job?”. I think this is a question that gets more complex the greater time you spend thinking about it.

Thought 1: “I could go with pants and a sweater, oh but that might be to casual for my first day and I want to look professional.”

Thought 2: “Maybe a suit would be best because that shows them that I am all business and can dress accordingly.”

Thought 3: “Perhaps I’m over thinking this…” 🙂

That’s the predicament. And it’s nonsense to think you are over thinking your first outfit to a new job. There is so much stress involved in this  new endeavor, your clothes shouldn’t be a concern that weighs on your mind. In order find an outfit for your first day here are three things I recommend!

  1. If you had an interview at the location where you will be working, look at what your interviewer and other employees wore (if you had the chance to meet them). Matching their level of dressiness will help you feel and look like you are adjusting well to your new job!
  2. Now think about what you will feel comfortable wearing in the job you will be doing. If you will be doing secretarial work and sitting most of the day, a skirt heels might not be an issue. However, if you are running around all day at meetings, lunches and client get together, well-fitting slacks and flats might be right up your alley. (Of course, all this is up to how you deal with heels and if you are able to keep up on the streets of downtown with your boss. )
  3. If in doubt, overdress. Unless your job is in construction, gardening or daycare work, you can dress a little nicer than you think would be acceptable. For one thing it will impress your new boss even if you dress down a little in the days following. It will show your coworkers that you are taking this job seriously. Lastly, it’s better to be overdress than under-dressed.

You will feel better about yourself and this job if you feel comfortable in your own skin and clothing. Think about these things and let me know what you come up with! I’d love to see your first day on the job outfits 🙂


If you have questions about what to wear to _________ or how to cook ________ or a gift idea/DIY how to, feel free to shoot me an email,!


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