Workwear: Green tank and cream cardi

24 Jan

I realized the other day that my wardrobe is lacking a lot of green. I think this ruffle tank is the only green piece of clothing I own. Green adds vibrancy and life to any outfit. So today I wear the only green item I own and I think “I should get some more green in my life.”

(And despite what you think, my tank is green not teal or blue as it may look in the pictures.)

IMG_9519 IMG_1784 IMG_7586 IMG_4031Tank: Gap ($12) — Sweater: JCrew gift — Necklace: Kohl’s gift — Pants: JCrew ($22) — Belt: Target ($10) — Shoes: Sperry’s gift

UPDATE: After I got home, I realized I also have a green sweater and a pair of vibrant green pants. Whoops. I need to wear them more!


3 Responses to “Workwear: Green tank and cream cardi”

  1. Rachel Heffington 24.24.2013 at 9:56 am #

    Love this outfit, Jill! I don’t wear a lot of green either. That’s so weird…I wonder why?

    • Jill (joodlesdoodles) 24.24.2013 at 10:02 am #

      I see a lot more appealing pieces of clothing in blue, black and grey (favorite colors) than I do in green. Either that or green becomes over the top very quickly? lol.

  2. Brooke 24.24.2013 at 3:48 pm #

    I have that tank in navy and I completely forgot about it! I’ll hafta pull it out… Cute blog btw, I don’t think I knew you had one!

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