New Office

23 Jan

Last summer, I was offered an office at work. As a cube-dweller or “cubie” as I like to call them, I was excited at the opportunity to have a real desk where I could work, with real walls I could decorate, and a door I could close!

But I turned it down. I was torn because I loved being in the hustle and bustle of the entire office. My cube was right in the middle of the other cubes and the office and every couple of minutes on a given day people would pass by to drink our coffee and chat with me, not to mention  I could hear everything anyone said in the office. I like knowing it all. I could hear one office calling another on speaker phone. I knew who was calling for assistance by the sound of their voice and I loved helping them.

To this end, I decided I didn’t want the office and it was turned into a storage closet/temporary work space for part-time employees. I returned to my cube happy with my decision because I was able to accomplish what work I needed to and be available if anyone needed my expertise relating to paper storage, ordering our merchandise online, or making coffee every few hours. (yes, all these things sound extremely menial, I know. But I love this place so I don’t mind!) 😉

Last week, our office hallway was being painted. Every “office-dweller” was allowed to pick out the shade of beige they wanted on their walls and I got jealous. I wanted my own office! With all the noise from the painters, the movers, and the displaced office-dwellers, my introverted self couldn’t work.

The Noise Had TO STOP!!!

So I petitioned my boss for the office I had once rejected. Lucky for me I could still have it, on the condition that I would clean out everything that was there currently and find a home for the storage items. Such a daunting task, considering there were two large double-wide file cabinets full of paper, two large bookshelves (also full of random paper), 1 desk, computer and loads of other things that were stacked high upon all the previously mentioned items!

But I can say now that it was worth it! I was even able to get it painted before the painters left last week (during the Summit)! In the next few weeks I will show you how I have made it my own little work space.

Work space: DESIGNED!


5 Responses to “New Office”

  1. Kate 23.23.2013 at 9:12 pm #

    How completely exciting!! Looking forward to pics 🙂

  2. Sue Mitchell Russell 23.23.2013 at 10:52 pm #

    Oh, Jill, what fun!


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