Casual day: Egyptian scarf and red boyfriend sweater

16 Jan

Today, I am at our organization’s annual Summit. This is a three day “retreat” where we talk about the state of the organization and make a plan for the upcoming year. We discuss upcoming projects, plan the year’s programs and look 10 years down the road to see where we’d like to be. It is a wonderful time to focus goals and come together before the busyness of the spring, summer, and fall.

I love planning meetings and many aspects of organization, so this is my cup of tea, er coffee. However, in the rush to get out this morning and in the process of caring for my sick husband :(, I didn’t get to take a picture before I left this morning. Yes, I’m sad too. So below is my attempt to take pics without a full length mirror. You’ll get the feel of this casual work look.

We had a quarterly breakfast this morning with our parent company. Thus, I didn’t want to dress complete casual (as we can at the summit) but I still wanted to be comfortable for the rest of the day. Black jeans, a red slouchy boyfriend sweater and a scarf borrowed from B that he got from his trip to Egypt. By adding knee length black boots, it’s a perfect outfit for a rainy day(did I mention that it’s pouring rain as well? just one more factor in today’s outfit). 🙂



Shirt: H&M gift — Sweater: Target ($12) — Pants: Target ($15) — Scarf: B’s From Egypt — Boots: Target ($18)


One Response to “Casual day: Egyptian scarf and red boyfriend sweater”

  1. Rachel Heffington 16.16.2013 at 2:24 pm #

    Nice, Jill! Love the scarf combined with the red cardi! 🙂

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