My perfect Saturday morning

14 Jan

Saturday mornings are my favorite. I am more of an early bird than B is, so on Saturday mornings I like to wake up around 10 and watch Netflix with a cup of breakfast blend coffee with normal half and half.

It’s quiet, the people upstairs having woken up yet and all the lights are off except the twinkly white lights we left up over the kitchen cupboards. Harrison liked how they looked and I have to agree.

Sometimes I feel in the mood to make scones. Orange, cream and cranberry lemon scones are my favorite. They are the perfect amount of tart and biscuity. I don’t much like sweet pastries or sugary desserts so scones suit me best and I love making them. They go even better with my breakfast blend + cream.

I live the quietness of Saturday mornings. Absolutely one of my favorite parts of the week. It’s such a refreshing time to myself with a cup of coffee. There’s no sound. I sip my coffee ever so slightly to not disrupt that blanket of quietness. It’s heavenly.

It’s even better when I open my Bible, the Power of a Praying Wife devotional, and my journal. Such heavenly bliss. You will never know such sweetness. I like that kind of sweetness. Quiet, coffee, Bible, and scones.

Thats’s my perfect Saturday morning.


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