Workwear: Yellow stripes and tribal necklace

11 Jan

Friday! Now me, I love my job so I’m not always yearning for Friday. But I’m also human so I naturally look forward to two days off and all  the exciting projects I can do before Monday. Should a make new DIY canvas wall art? Or maybe try that orange scone recipe? Or maybe Harrison and I will go hiking and then kick back to watch the Broncos game with friends. Well that would be my perfect weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes on Monday.

Until then I present today’s outfit. As I woke up this morning, I was thinking about the outfit I had set out the night before. It was a little bland. Yes, I’m talking about bland, like your dinner not having enough salt or a room being all neutral colored. Outfits can be bland too. Each one needs a hint of vibrancy or a concentrated punch of flavor.

I used to find comfort in black pants, black shoes, a white top and maybe a grey striped sweater if I was feeling adventurous. But now I’m leaping outside my comfort zone and adding exciting flavor to my life as I pair a yellow striped shirt with a statement necklace, a red belt with a grey striped sweater. It makes me excited to start this new day.


IMG_9830 IMG_3224 IMG_5135 IMG_5461Shirt: Gap ($12) — Sweater: Target ($15) — Pants: Target ($20) — Belt: Kohl’s gift — Flats: Gap ($16) — Necklace: Target ($5)


One Response to “Workwear: Yellow stripes and tribal necklace”

  1. Sue Mitchell Russell 20.20.2013 at 11:46 pm #

    Love the pizzazz-y touches: red belt, 2 kinds of stripes, and the necklace. Cool-ness.

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