Workwear: Green sweater and navy blazer

7 Jan

This past weekend Harrison and I started a daunting project. Cleaning out our office (which is over run with broken suitcases, worn out clothes, and papers. paper paper paper) and donating/throwing out clothes that no longer fit/are old and holey. (Whew, that was a long sentence.) I think I tried on at least 20 pieces of clothes that no longer fit or were from high school that I found hidden in the back of my closet. My closet looks so much better this Monday morning now that I have gotten rid of the things I don’t wear and I can see all my options when I need to put together an outfit.

My process for sorting through clothes was this.

  1. Try on a top and a bottom.
  2. Ask Harrison what he thought. (he has a great eye)
  3. If the bottom didn’t work but the top did I would try to find an outfit where the top did work. (or visa versa)
  4. Then I would try on that outfit, top, pants, flats, necklace and belt and see how that looked.

Through this process, this outfit below was born.

I found this short-sleeve sweater that I hadn’t worn in a few years and remixed it until I found khakis and a blazer that worked with it. Initially I didn’t have this navy blazer paired with the outfit but seeing how its 30 degrees outside, I needed to find an outer layer.


ImageSweater: Gap (old) — Blazer: H&M ($30) — Necklace: Kohl’s gift — Pants: Target ($20) — Flats: Target ($10) — Belt: Kohl’s gift


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