Workwear: Layers and a turquoise necklace

4 Jan

Sometimes at night when I look in my closet, trying to find tomorrow’s outfit, I see nothing. When I lack inspiration, I turn to my favorite style blogs or Pinterest and see if something sparks my fancy. Today’s outfit came about that same way. I’m not ridiculously crazy about it but it feels new and I’ve never worn this pairing before.

Also, I need my photographer husband to take some better pictures of me. Unfortunately, I usually leave for work pretty early and he’s still sleeping then.



Button-up: Calvin Klein ($10) — Sweater: Banana Republic gift — Necklace: Gift — Khakis: Target ($15) — Heels: Payless ($10)


So I ran some errands during lunch and found some skinny khakis at Target. They look a lot better with this top combination and work well when I untucked my button-up. (Excuse the dressing room messiness).


I think these pants will go well with my brown leather boots from yesterday and my navy riding jacket!


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