Pinkberry Love

4 Jan

About 6 months ago a Pinkberry moved to town. I had never tried frozen yogurt before, but I love yogurt and was told that it tasted sort of tangy, like greek yogurt. Well, I love greek yogurt most of all! So I tried Pinkberry and immediately fell in love.


When you walk in the store it’s like a breath of fresh air with their bright green chairs and bubbley glass tables. Everything is fresh and their menu is simple. They have 5-6 flavors depending on the season you go. My favorites are original (tart and sweet), coconut (sweet and refreshing) and now grapefruit (tart and tangy)! I think what is the most appealing about this new favorite dessert is that it’s not sweet. To be honest, I don’t like dessert. I like chips, salsa, pizza, pretzels, hot dogs etc. I have never liked cake, cookies, ice cream, chocolate (gasp!) or anything sweet.


But Pinkberry is like smooth, cool, tart, frosty yogurt that you cannot get enough of. I got an email this morning announcing their newest flavor, grapefruit. I can say that my lunch break was spend well 🙂 I think I will recommend grapefruit to everyone! I don’t really get enthusiastic about many things. But when I do, you will know about it.



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