Photography and Blogging

25 Sep

I just had a random crazy notion. And I say this because it’s like a dream and I don’t usually think up things like this. It’s like it just popped into my head. 

Harrison just picked up photography as a hobby. We recently acquired a nice professional camera and he’s been taking it everywhere. Everyone says “he has an eye for it”. He has already been asked to capture a fundraising banquet this fall, a couple in love and a newborn baby. It’s pretty cool how things happen sometimes. 

Anyway, what I was thinking about was, I wonder if he could make a living out of photography. And if this blog goes anywhere, I could write about food, fashion and DIY projects while he captures people’s special moments. I wonder if we could make a go of that life. We could travel and move around and bring life with us. He told me just the other day that he really enjoys taking pictures and editing them for people. We made a great team, between posing shots and grabbing the right angles for sunlight at the last photo shoot. It’s very cool to see him growing in something he loves and is very talented in. 

I wonder. God knows but I wonder.


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