Morning Runner.

25 Sep

I’ve taken up running in the morning before work. I usually take the same route around neighborhoods in a large circle that adds up to 3 miles each trip. I really enjoy it for many reasons.

1. It gets my morning off to a great start.

I get to see the world before the sun comes up. It’s very peaceful and quiet in the morning before people turn on the lights in their house and cars start moving. I can hear the birds and see my breath as I run. I like being places where no one else has been yet that day. It’s like a fresh start every morning.

2. I feel so motivated to reach my running goals and I never regret a good workout.

I am running a 5k with my family at Thanksgiving when we get together at my parent’s house in New York. It’s called the Turkey Trot 🙂 It starts at 7am on Thanksgiving morning, which is not my ideal relaxing, parade-watching start to my day. But, we did it together 2 years ago and it was so much fun. I am also looking for a 10k race in the NOVA area before the end of the year. Long term goals are a half-marathon and then a real marathon.

3. Gets my metabolism going strong early in the day.

This helps burn fat and calories even before I’ve had my first bite to eat. Another thing that I do just after I come back from running is drink a glass of cold water with lemon. These are two more things that help speed up your metabolism when it’s often reluctant to start in the morning. (Like me trying to get out of a warm and cozy bed).

4. This is the beauty I get to see if I get my butt out of bed and run in the morning. (It only looks like this in the morning and I look forward to this location at the end of every run.)



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